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Surprisingly accurate guess she thought. - I thought I was losing you, Zu. Is there at least some opportunity to avoid this? - I dont know. - When we talked with Matt on the phone, he said that he throws everything and rushes immediately here. And he asked how you took this news. I said that you are terribly sorry, and embraced all very seriously. When he would come - I hope this evening - it will wait for a pleasant surprise. Tony and Hendzl accepted the invitation to dine with Camilla and her grandfather and stay for dinner. Zou was also invited, but she politely declined. When Matt arrives tonight, she would like to immediately meet with him. She carefully consider what is best to wear.

And I chose a white dress that was her when Matt came to La Sharmett and they met in the garden. Zu until brushing her hair until they sparkled like golden fire. Then generously perfumed with their favorite perfume and put on a neck pendant, presented by Matt. She even shook hands in anticipation of a meeting with him. What if they are wrong? After all, she had never heard from the mouth of Matt a single word to explain why he had five years ago, it did not come back. Suddenly he left her because she simply ceased to interest him? And what interest it represents for him now? He needed only beautiful, but short novel? Or, on the contrary, he's going to spend the rest of her life? Although during lunch Zou did not even touched the food and promised Hendzl when she was leaving with Tony to DuPont, which is sure to eat, she was so nervous and so afraid of meeting with Hunter that was simply not able to think about food. In any case it is better to wait for Matt and dine with him. It seemed that without it it is difficult to breathe. The guest heard the car drove on the track. She opened the door and ran out of the house just at the moment when Matt paid the taxi driver. Zu wanted to throw his legs for him, but I could not move. The person who arrived was clearly visible in the beam of light coming from the house. It was harsh and grim. He looked as if he had his legs ran home, pinned the first thing that came to hand, and immediately rushed to the airport. He was not even a suitcase with him. It Zou understood when Matt went to her. His arms wrapped around her waist, and he held her tightly to his girl. - Everything will be fine, Zu. It does not suit you. - I know. - Now you are freed from it. - I know. - He did not love you the way you deserve. He was attracted not you yourself ... What did you say? - I said, I know - Tony does not suit me, and very good that he is no longer in my life; Now I realized that it was absolutely necessary for other purposes. I can not even begin to explain to you what a relief is now experiencing. - But on the phone ... My mother said that you inconsolable that your despair is beyond description. She said she had never in his life seen to suffer so much like you. Сайт без порно и эро секс картинок, Проститутки закрыты

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